Residential Solar

Family Solar

Solar for your home saves you money on your electricity bill from the day it is connected.  Instead of buying electricity from the grid, you can generate it yourself from your very own roof.  

The energy generated from your new solar installation will be used directly by your appliances.  When you produce more energy than you need, excess energy goes back into the grid and you get paid for the excess energy you produce.  It is a great way to reduce your electricity bill and become immune to rising energy bills.

Solar panels are perfect for capturing the sunshine’s rays and converting the energy produced into power for our homes, however, what happens when the sun goes down?  Take your solar system to the next level by installing a battery storage unit which will enable stored energy to be accessed and used within your household of an evening.

Why erisSolar?

  • We only supply proven top quality solar panels, solar inverters and solar batteries
  • Our installations are designed and installed by accredited Clean Energy Council installers and licenced Electricians
  • All products are covered by manufacturers warranty
  • All installations are covered by our 90 day workmanship warranty
  • Our expert team will run through how the system works once installation has been completed
  • Point of sale discounts available
  • Finance options available
  • We handle all of the paperwork

Are there Government Rebates still available?

YES – There is still funding assistance available.  We can offer discounts at point of sale on your new installation, even if you already have an existing solar power system.

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